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We are Still Accepting Orders For Delivery On Fri 19 Jul 2024

Dear Customers,

Before placing the order you are requested to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully as you shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions regardless of the country you are currently residing in or regardless of the fact that you did not read them before placing an order.

1. We at Send Flowers To Algeria reserve the right to Substitute the product with a suitable product if the ordered product is not available. Please understand that substitutions are necessary to ensure timely delivery of each order and we may or may not contact you before substituting the product. You are also requested to note that all the product images are Studio Images and the actual product delivered may have completely different look and feel. In short the quantity will remain the same but the packaging can vary. No refund requests or complaints on grounds that "My product does not look similar to the one shown online" will be entertained.

Explanation: Please understand that we forward your order to a local florist who then delivers your order on our behalf. It is impossible to deliver the same product because the courier companies don't carry flowers in Algeria and hence we have to utilize the services of the local florists in the recipient's area. It is not easy for us to be in the florist industry. Quite often we are faced with a catch-22 situation. You ordered lilies to be delivered on say X date and the local florist in the recipient's zone does not have lilies on the delivery date. The flowers are meant to be on X date as they are for Anniversary. So "Should we reschedule the order for delivery on Y date?" or "Should we substitute lilies with some other flowers of equal value and have them delivered on X date?" We always prefer the latter since occasion is above the choice. We cannot contact you always because delay in getting a response may lead to non-delivery of order on a specified date. So please be reasonable and do not complain on the grounds mentioned in point number 1.

2. No refund request or complaints on grounds that "I asked this order to be delivered at X time and you didn't" will be entertained. Please note that we only guarantee delivery on a specified date. We in no way guarantee delivery within a specified time frame.

Explanation: We always put in our best to have all orders done within the specified time frame but yet again it is not guaranteed. Please understand the fact that sometimes the flowers may arrive late from supplier or traffic jams or some other circumstances can lead to the delay. Let's say your order some flowers and cake at 12 Am - Algeria Time (non-working hours) to be delivered next day early in the morning. Now do you think we would be able to process it for early morning delivery especially if the order came late in the night? The order would be forwarded to a florist at only about 9 AM which is the time we open in the morning. Then the florist may have other orders already in the queue and the order may actually get delivered during latter half of the day. So we request you to please be reasonable with your complains as we sell "Flowers" and not "Pizzas" with taglines "30 Minutes or Free"

3. We can contact the recipient before delivery to ensure that the recipient is available at the address at the time of delivery or to get the complete address. No refund requests or complaints on grounds that "It was meant to be a surprise" shall be entertained.

Explanation: Most of the time, contacting the recipient before delivery is not required but we prefer to call the recipient to ensure that the recipient is available at the address provided at the time of delivery. Consider the delivery guy travelling for about 2 hours to make the delivery only to find the door locked. Since flowers are not handled by couriers, they are not retained by the nearest hubs in case of non-availability of the recipient and hence they have to be carried around by specially employed delivery guys who charge us per delivery. So to make sure that the recipient is at home, we always call the recipient before delivery. So we request you to please understand the situation and cooperate with our policy.

4. No refund requests on grounds that "I could have found this product for about X USD locally but you charged me Y USD for the same" will be entertained.

Explanation: When you are shown something online along with its price; it is your choice to buy it or not. We never force anyone to shop from us. The prices are fixed and we always deliver what is ordered. Please understand that we are running a professional company with a professional support team. To cover our expenses the prices are marked up and cannot be compared to the prices offered by a local florist. We always recommend you to contact a local florist in case you are based in the same town. So we request you not to compare our prices with the prices offered by a local florist.

5. You will be charged for any un-delivered order if "The address provided by you is incomplete or inaccurate", "Recipient is not available at the time of delivery" or if the "Recipient refuses to accept the order"

Explanation: Please note that most of the products we sell are perishable in nature and cannot be returned if any one of the above conditions hold true. We cannot utilize the flowers for any other order due to our stringent quality checks. Hence no refund requests on any of the above grounds will be entertained. We will only issue a refund for non-perishable products that we keep in our stock like for instance "Teddy Bears". You shall be charged for a non-perishable product if we do not stock the same and the product had to be bought from a 3rd party like for example "Champagnes".

6. We may not be able to provide you with the receivers name or POD if the order is for a "Wedding", "Funeral", "Hotels", "Hostels" or "Hospital". No refund requests or non-delivery complains will be entertained on such grounds.

Explanation: Please understand that we may not be permitted to carry the products directly to a room in a "hospital", "hostels" or "hotel" and hence we may we forced to leave them with the reception. Quite often the reception will not sign a delivery confirmation note and hence we may not be able to provide a POD for such deliveries. For flower deliveries made to a Funeral, it does not look nice to trouble the already grieved relative with the Signing process. Hence we may not be able to provide a POD for such deliveries. For flower or gift deliveries made to a wedding hall we may not be able to provide you with a POD if the Bride or Groom or their relative does not cooperate and refuse to sign the POD indicating they are busy or they do not have time.

7. We reserve the right to contact the recipient of your order several times and demand the money from them in case we receive a chargeback against your order. We also reserve the right to register a case against the recipient of your order and claim money legally from them.

Explanation: We have a Zero Tolerance policy towards frauds of any kind and hence this point is self-explanatory and needs no further explanation


8. If you place an order for Branded items, all warranties are liable to the original manufacturer.

Explanation: After the product is sold, the service and maintenance of that particular item will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the original manufacturer, and in no condition it is our responsibility and we cannot be held accountable for any claim. In case of any defect or claim, a case can be filed against the original manufacturer by us but the cost for the same has to be borne by the recipient.